Here's a list of features we've added to CartoType since the start of 2014. If you last looked at CartoType a while ago, it might interest you to see how much is new, and how much has been improved.

graphics acceleration

CartoType GL extends the standard CartoType library to use graphics acceleration, for a fast, fluid, interactive user experience.

more platforms

CartoType can support almost any platform with a C++ compiler. The standard platforms are Windows (desktop; any version from XP onward); .NET for Windows; Android; iOS; and Linux (x11). We build evaluation SDKs for these platforms and keep them up to date. But you may not know that we also support these platforms:

Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)

Windows CE


Embarcadero C++ Builder

style sheet editor

The style sheet editor is part of the free Maps App, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

better routing

new low-memory offline routing system for large maps on mobile devices

routing takes account of vehicle heading when choosing a starting direction

localized turn by turn routing

load and save routes and route profiles in XML format

find the best route through a series of points (the 'travelling salesman' problem)

standard route profiles for driving, cycling, walking, and hiking (off-road paths preferred)

data preparation

the data preparation tool, makemap, is now available for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac and Linux

there is no limit to the size of map files, or the amount of data you can import

import postcodes from open-source data and use them in geocoding

optionally add grid lines to maps

optionally store non-critical map data at lower resolution to save space

geocoding and searching

powerful geocoding and address searching

search for free text or structured address data

convert points into addresses, or vice versa

get lengths and areas of map items

loading and saving data

save maps to PNG files

save and load map data to SQLite databases

load and save routes and route profiles in XML format