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CartoType::CAddress Class Reference

#include <cartotype_address.h>

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
CString ToString (bool aFull=true, const TPointFP *aLocation=nullptr) const
CString ToStringWithLabels () const

Public Attributes

CString iBuilding
CString iFeature
CString iStreet
CString iSubLocality
CString iLocality
CString iIsland
CString iSubAdminArea
CString iAdminArea
CString iCountry
CString iPostCode

Detailed Description

A structured address for use with FindAddress.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void CartoType::CAddress::Clear ( )

Clears an address to its just-constructed state.

◆ ToString()

CString CartoType::CAddress::ToString ( bool  aFull = true,
const TPointFP aLocation = nullptr 
) const

Gets the address as a string. If aFull is true supplies the main administrative division (state, province, etc.) and country. If aLocation is non-null, prefixes that location in degrees to the address.

◆ ToStringWithLabels()

CString CartoType::CAddress::ToStringWithLabels ( ) const

Gets the elements of an address. Labels each element with its category (e.g., 'building', 'feature', 'street').

Member Data Documentation

◆ iAdminArea

CString CartoType::CAddress::iAdminArea

The administrative area: state, province, etc. By preference this is a level-4 area in the OpenStreetMap classification. Level 3 is used if no level-4 area is found.

◆ iBuilding

CString CartoType::CAddress::iBuilding

The name or number of the building.

◆ iCountry

CString CartoType::CAddress::iCountry

The country.

◆ iFeature

CString CartoType::CAddress::iFeature

The name of a feature or place of interest.

◆ iIsland

CString CartoType::CAddress::iIsland

The name of an island.

◆ iLocality

CString CartoType::CAddress::iLocality

The village, town or city.

◆ iPostCode

CString CartoType::CAddress::iPostCode

The postal code.

◆ iStreet

CString CartoType::CAddress::iStreet

The street, road or other highway.

◆ iSubAdminArea

CString CartoType::CAddress::iSubAdminArea

The subsidiary administrative area: county, district, etc. By preference this is a level-6 area in the OpenStreetMap classification. Levels 7, 8 and 5 are used in that order if no level-6 area is found.

◆ iSubLocality

CString CartoType::CAddress::iSubLocality

The suburb, neighborhood, quarter or other subdivision of the locality.

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