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CartoType::CBinaryInputFile Class Reference

#include <cartotype_stream.h>

Public Member Functions

TResult Open (const char *aFileName)
void OpenStandardInput ()
TResult Seek (int64_t aOffset, int aOrigin)
int64_t Tell () const
size_t Read (uint8_t *aBuffer, size_t aBufferSize)
 CBinaryInputFile (const CBinaryInputFile &)=delete
 CBinaryInputFile (CBinaryInputFile &&)=delete
void operator= (const CBinaryInputFile &)=delete
void operator= (CBinaryInputFile &&)=delete

Detailed Description

A file input class for reading binary data from file which may be greater than 4Gb in size.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Open()

TResult CartoType::CBinaryInputFile::Open ( const char *  aFileName)

Opens a file.

◆ OpenStandardInput()

void CartoType::CBinaryInputFile::OpenStandardInput ( )

Opens standard input.

◆ Read()

size_t CartoType::CBinaryInputFile::Read ( uint8_t *  aBuffer,
size_t  aBufferSize 

Reads up to aBufferSize bytes into aBuffer and returns the number of bytes actually read.

◆ Seek()

TResult CartoType::CBinaryInputFile::Seek ( int64_t  aOffset,
int  aOrigin 

Seeks to a byte position aOffset in the file; aOrigin is the same as for fseek().

◆ Tell()

int64_t CartoType::CBinaryInputFile::Tell ( ) const

Returns the current byte position in the file.

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