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CartoType::CMapMetaData Class Reference

#include <cartotype_map_metadata.h>

Public Attributes

TDataVersion iFileVersion
TDataVersion iCartoTypeVersion
int32_t iCartoTypeBuild = 0
std::string iDataSetName
std::string iCopyright
std::string iProjectionName
std::string iProjectionParameters
TPointFormat iPointFormat
TRect iExtentInMapCoords
TRectFP iExtentInDegrees
uint16_t iRouteTableType = TMapTableType::KNoTable
bool iRouteDataHasGradients = false
bool iLargeFile = false
bool iDrivingSideKnown = false
bool iDriveOnLeft = false

Detailed Description

Metadata describing a CTM1 map file.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iCartoTypeBuild

int32_t CartoType::CMapMetaData::iCartoTypeBuild = 0

The build (version control revision number) used to build the makemap tool which created the CTM1 file.

◆ iCartoTypeVersion

TDataVersion CartoType::CMapMetaData::iCartoTypeVersion

The version of CartoType used to build the makemap tool which created the CTM1 file.

◆ iCopyright

std::string CartoType::CMapMetaData::iCopyright

The copyright notice applying to the map data.

◆ iDataSetName

std::string CartoType::CMapMetaData::iDataSetName

The name of the map data set.

◆ iDriveOnLeft

bool CartoType::CMapMetaData::iDriveOnLeft = false

True if the driving side is known and the rule is to drive on the left.

◆ iDrivingSideKnown

bool CartoType::CMapMetaData::iDrivingSideKnown = false

True if the driving side (rule of the road) is known.

◆ iExtentInDegrees

TRectFP CartoType::CMapMetaData::iExtentInDegrees

The axis-aligned bounds of the map, in degrees of longitude and latitude.

◆ iExtentInMapCoords

TRect CartoType::CMapMetaData::iExtentInMapCoords

The axis-aligned bounds of the map, in map coordinates.

◆ iFileVersion

TDataVersion CartoType::CMapMetaData::iFileVersion

The CTM1 format version.

◆ iLargeFile

bool CartoType::CMapMetaData::iLargeFile = false

True if file positions in the data file take up 5 bytes rather than 4.

◆ iPointFormat

TPointFormat CartoType::CMapMetaData::iPointFormat

The point format for map coordinates: either Meter or Meter32nds.

◆ iProjectionName

std::string CartoType::CMapMetaData::iProjectionName

The name of the map projection.

◆ iProjectionParameters

std::string CartoType::CMapMetaData::iProjectionParameters

The Proj4 parameters for the map projection.

◆ iRouteDataHasGradients

bool CartoType::CMapMetaData::iRouteDataHasGradients = false

True if the route data contains gradients.

◆ iRouteTableType

uint16_t CartoType::CMapMetaData::iRouteTableType = TMapTableType::KNoTable

The route table type: one of the constants defined in TMapTableType.

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