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CartoType::CRouteSegment Class Reference

#include <cartotype_navigation.h>

Public Member Functions

void WriteAsXml (MOutputStream &aOutput, const CProjection &aProjection) const
std::unique_ptr< CRouteSegmentCopy () const

Public Attributes

TRoadType iRoadType
double iMaxSpeed
CString iName
CString iRef
double iDistance
double iTime
double iTurnTime
COnCurveContour iPath
int32_t iSection
TTurn iTurn
bool iRestricted

Detailed Description

Information about a route segment.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Copy()

std::unique_ptr< CRouteSegment > CartoType::CRouteSegment::Copy ( ) const

Creates a copy of this route segment.

◆ WriteAsXml()

void CartoType::CRouteSegment::WriteAsXml ( MOutputStream aOutput,
const CProjection &  aProjection 
) const

Writes a route segment in XML as a segment element. Uses aProjection to convert the points to latitude and longitude.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iDistance

double CartoType::CRouteSegment::iDistance

The distance in metres.

◆ iMaxSpeed

double CartoType::CRouteSegment::iMaxSpeed

The maximum legal speed in kilometres per hour. A value of zero means there is no known speed limit, or the standard speed limit for the type of road applies.

◆ iName

CString CartoType::CRouteSegment::iName

The standard name of the object of which this segment is a part.

◆ iPath

COnCurveContour CartoType::CRouteSegment::iPath

The path of this segment in map units.

◆ iRef

CString CartoType::CRouteSegment::iRef

The road reference of the object of which this segment is a part.

◆ iRestricted

bool CartoType::CRouteSegment::iRestricted

True if this segment is restricted: for example, a private access road.

◆ iRoadType

TRoadType CartoType::CRouteSegment::iRoadType

The road type of the object of which this segment is a part.

◆ iSection

int32_t CartoType::CRouteSegment::iSection

The section number. Routes are divided into sections between waypoints. A simple route has one section, a route with an intermediate waypoint has two sections, and so on. Sections are numbered from zero upwards.

◆ iTime

double CartoType::CRouteSegment::iTime

The estimated time in seconds, including iTurnTime, taken to traverse the segment.

◆ iTurn

TTurn CartoType::CRouteSegment::iTurn

Information about how to navigate the junction at the start of this segment.

◆ iTurnTime

double CartoType::CRouteSegment::iTurnTime

The estimated time in seconds taken to navigate the junction at the start of the segment.

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