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CartoType::TCameraParam Class Reference

#include <cartotype_transform.h>

Public Attributes

TPoint3FP iPosition
double iAzimuthDegrees = 0
double iDeclinationDegrees = 30
double iRotationDegrees = 0
double iFieldOfViewDegrees = 22.5
TRectFP iDisplay = { 0,0,1,1 }
bool iYAxisUp = false

Detailed Description

Parameters defining a camera position relative to a flat plane representing the earth's surface projected on to a map.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iAzimuthDegrees

double CartoType::TCameraParam::iAzimuthDegrees = 0

The azimuth of the camera in degrees going clockwise, where 0 is N, 90 is E, etc.

◆ iDeclinationDegrees

double CartoType::TCameraParam::iDeclinationDegrees = 30

The declination of the camera downward from the horizontal plane.

◆ iDisplay

TRectFP CartoType::TCameraParam::iDisplay = { 0,0,1,1 }

The display rectangle on to which the camera view is projected. The view width is scaled to that of the display, and the aspect ratio of the camera view is preserved.

◆ iFieldOfViewDegrees

double CartoType::TCameraParam::iFieldOfViewDegrees = 22.5

The camera's field of view in degrees.

◆ iPosition

TPoint3FP CartoType::TCameraParam::iPosition

The position of the camera. The z coordinate represents height above the surface.

◆ iRotationDegrees

double CartoType::TCameraParam::iRotationDegrees = 0

The amount by which the camera is rotated about its axis, after applying the declination, in degrees going clockwise.

◆ iYAxisUp

bool CartoType::TCameraParam::iYAxisUp = false

True if y values increase upwards in the display coordinate system.

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