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CartoType::TCircularPen Class Reference

#include <cartotype_graphics_context.h>

Public Attributes

double iPenWidth = 1
TLineCap iLineCap = TLineCap::Round
TLineJoin iLineJoin = TLineJoin::Round
double iMiterLimit = 2
std::shared_ptr< CDashArrayiDashArray

Detailed Description

A circular pen used for stroking a path.

A line drawn using a circular pen can have various types of end caps and corners.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iDashArray

std::shared_ptr<CDashArray> CartoType::TCircularPen::iDashArray

If non-null, a pointer to an array giving the pattern of dashed and gaps used to draw strokes; not owned. The elements are the dash and gap lengths in pixels. They are used repeatedly, alternating between dashes and gaps; the first element is a dash.

◆ iLineCap

TLineCap CartoType::TCircularPen::iLineCap = TLineCap::Round

The line cap type.

◆ iLineJoin

TLineJoin CartoType::TCircularPen::iLineJoin = TLineJoin::Round

The line join type.

◆ iMiterLimit

double CartoType::TCircularPen::iMiterLimit = 2

If the corners are mitered, they are cut off by a straight line if they extend more than this fraction of half the pen width from the center of the line.

◆ iPenWidth

double CartoType::TCircularPen::iPenWidth = 1

The width of the pen in pixels.

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