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CartoType::TExtendedNoticePosition Class Reference

#include <cartotype_base.h>

Public Member Functions

 TExtendedNoticePosition (TNoticePosition aBasePosition)
 TExtendedNoticePosition (TNoticePosition aBasePosition, double aXInset, const char *aXInsetUnit, double aYInset, const char *aYInsetUnit)
TNoticePosition BasePosition () const
double XInset () const
const char * XInsetUnit () const
double YInset () const
const char * YInsetUnit () const

Detailed Description

Positions for notices like the legend or scale bar.

Notices are positioned by moving them inwards from the designated position by the specified insets. For central positions (e.g., the X inset in Top, or both insets in Center) X insets move the position right and Y insets move it down. Units may be 'cm', 'mm', 'in', 'pt' (points: 1/72in), or 'pc' (picas: 1/6in); anything else, including null, means pixels.

The default inset is 3mm, or zero for central positions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TExtendedNoticePosition() [1/2]

CartoType::TExtendedNoticePosition::TExtendedNoticePosition ( TNoticePosition  aBasePosition)

Creates an extended notice position with a given base position, inset from the side or corner by 3mm.

◆ TExtendedNoticePosition() [2/2]

CartoType::TExtendedNoticePosition::TExtendedNoticePosition ( TNoticePosition  aBasePosition,
double  aXInset,
const char *  aXInsetUnit,
double  aYInset,
const char *  aYInsetUnit 

Creates an extended notice position with a given base position and X and Y insets.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BasePosition()

TNoticePosition CartoType::TExtendedNoticePosition::BasePosition ( ) const

Returns the base position.

◆ XInset()

double CartoType::TExtendedNoticePosition::XInset ( ) const

Returns the X (horizontal) inset.

◆ XInsetUnit()

const char * CartoType::TExtendedNoticePosition::XInsetUnit ( ) const

Returns the unit (e.g., "mm") used for the X inset.

◆ YInset()

double CartoType::TExtendedNoticePosition::YInset ( ) const

Returns the Y (vertical) inset.

◆ YInsetUnit()

const char * CartoType::TExtendedNoticePosition::YInsetUnit ( ) const

Returns the unit (e.g., "mm") used for the Y inset.

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