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CartoType::TFindParam Class Reference

#include <cartotype_find_param.h>

Public Member Functions

 TFindParam (const TFindNearbyParam &aFindNearbyParam)

Public Attributes

size_t iMaxObjectCount = SIZE_MAX
CGeometry iClip
CGeometry iLocation
CString iLayers
CString iAttributes
CString iText
TStringMatchMethod iStringMatchMethod = TStringMatchMethod::Exact
CString iCondition
bool iMerge = true
double iTimeOut = 0.5

Detailed Description

Parameters for the general find function.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TFindParam()

CartoType::TFindParam::TFindParam ( const TFindNearbyParam aFindNearbyParam)

Creates find parameters from find-nearby parameters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iAttributes

CString CartoType::TFindParam::iAttributes

iAttributes is used in text searching (if iText is non-null). If iAttributes is empty, search all attributes, otherwise iAttributes is a list of attributes separated by spaces or commas; use "$" to indicate the label (the unnamed attribute).

◆ iClip

CGeometry CartoType::TFindParam::iClip

The clip path; no clipping is done if iClip is empty.

◆ iCondition

CString CartoType::TFindParam::iCondition

iCondition, if not empty, is a style sheet condition (e.g., "Type==2") which must be fulfilled by all the objects.

◆ iLayers

CString CartoType::TFindParam::iLayers

A list of layer names separated by spaces or commas. If it is empty all layers are searched. Layer names may contain the wild cards * and ?.

◆ iLocation

CGeometry CartoType::TFindParam::iLocation

The current location. If it is non-empty, objects in or near this region are preferred. It may be a single point.

◆ iMaxObjectCount

size_t CartoType::TFindParam::iMaxObjectCount = SIZE_MAX

The maximum number of objects to return; default = SIZE_MAX.

◆ iMerge

bool CartoType::TFindParam::iMerge = true

If iMerge is true (the default), adjoining objects with the same name and attributes may be merged into a single object.

◆ iStringMatchMethod

TStringMatchMethod CartoType::TFindParam::iStringMatchMethod = TStringMatchMethod::Exact

The string matching method used for text searching; default = Exact.

◆ iText

CString CartoType::TFindParam::iText

iText, if not empty, restricts the search to objects containing a string in one of their string attributes.

◆ iTimeOut

double CartoType::TFindParam::iTimeOut = 0.5

The maximum time in seconds allowed for a find operation. Find operations are not guaranteed to return in this time or less, but will attempt to do so.

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