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CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo Class Reference

#include <cartotype_navigation.h>

Public Attributes

TRoadType iRoadType = TRoadType::UnknownMajor
double iMaxSpeed = 0
CString iName
CString iRef
TPoint iNearestPoint
double iDistance = 0
double iHeadingInDegrees = 0
TPointFP iHeadingVector
CContour iPath
bool iOneWay = false

Detailed Description

Information about the nearest road (in fact, the nearest routable map object) to a certain point.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iDistance

double CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iDistance = 0

The distance from the chosen point to iNearestPoint in meters.

◆ iHeadingInDegrees

double CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iHeadingInDegrees = 0

The heading of the nearest segment in degrees.

◆ iHeadingVector

TPointFP CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iHeadingVector

The heading of the nearest segment as a unit vector.

◆ iMaxSpeed

double CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iMaxSpeed = 0

The maximum legal speed in kilometres per hour. A value of zero means there is no known speed limit, or the standard speed limit for the type of road applies.

◆ iName

CString CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iName

The standard name of the road.

◆ iNearestPoint

TPoint CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iNearestPoint

The nearest point on the road, in map coordinates, to the chosen point.

◆ iOneWay

bool CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iOneWay = false

True if the road is one-way.

◆ iPath

CContour CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iPath

The road's geometry in map coordinates. The road is guaranteed to be traversible in the direction of iPath.

◆ iRef

CString CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iRef

The road reference of the road.

◆ iRoadType

TRoadType CartoType::TNearestRoadInfo::iRoadType = TRoadType::UnknownMajor

The road type.

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