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CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo Class Reference

#include <cartotype_navigation.h>

Public Attributes

int32_t iSegmentIndex = -1
int32_t iLineIndex = 0
TPointFP iNearestPoint
double iDistanceToRoute = 0
double iDistanceAlongRoute = 0
double iDistanceAlongSegment = 0
double iTimeAlongRoute = 0
double iTimeAlongSegment = 0
double iHeading = 0

Detailed Description

Information about the nearest route segment to a point.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iDistanceAlongRoute

double CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iDistanceAlongRoute = 0

The distance of the nearest point along the route in meters.

◆ iDistanceAlongSegment

double CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iDistanceAlongSegment = 0

The distance within the current segment in meters.

◆ iDistanceToRoute

double CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iDistanceToRoute = 0

The distance from the other point to iNearestPoint in meters.

◆ iHeading

double CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iHeading = 0

The heading of the nearest line as a map angle taken anti-clockwise from rightwards.

◆ iLineIndex

int32_t CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iLineIndex = 0

The index of the line within the segment's path: line N goes from point N to point N + 1.

◆ iNearestPoint

TPointFP CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iNearestPoint

The point in the segment's path nearest to the other point, in map coordinates.

◆ iSegmentIndex

int32_t CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iSegmentIndex = -1

The index of the segment in the CRoute object, or -1 if there were no segments.

◆ iTimeAlongRoute

double CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iTimeAlongRoute = 0

The estimated time of the nearest point, along the route, in seconds.

◆ iTimeAlongSegment

double CartoType::TNearestSegmentInfo::iTimeAlongSegment = 0

The estimated time within the current segment, in seconds.

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