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CartoType::TTextParam Class Reference

#include <cartotype_graphics_context.h>

Public Attributes

int32_t iMaxWidth = INT32_MAX
const CFlatPath * iFlatPath = nullptr
double iPathStart = 0
double iMaxTurnSine = 0.707106781
TTextBaseline iBaseline = TTextBaseline::Alphabetic
double iBaselineOffset = 0
double iLetterSpacing = 0
double iWordSpacing = 0
double iMaxCopyFitExpansion = 4
size_t iFonts = 0
const TFontiFont = nullptr
bool iTraversePathBackwards: 1
bool iCopyFit: 1
bool iRoundAdvances: 1

Detailed Description

Parameters to control the way text is drawn or measured.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iBaseline

TTextBaseline CartoType::TTextParam::iBaseline = TTextBaseline::Alphabetic

The type of the baseline used to align the text.

◆ iBaselineOffset

double CartoType::TTextParam::iBaselineOffset = 0

The baseline offset in pixels. This value is added to the baseline's y coordinate. It can be used to shift the text away from the path it is drawn along, for example when drawing a road label beside the road instead of along the road.

◆ iCopyFit

bool CartoType::TTextParam::iCopyFit

If drawing text on a path, stretch it out to fit the path by adding letter spacing and word spacing.

◆ iFlatPath

const CFlatPath* CartoType::TTextParam::iFlatPath = nullptr

If iFlatPath is non-null the text is drawn along the path, which is relative to the origin passed to DrawText.

◆ iFont

const TFont* CartoType::TTextParam::iFont = nullptr

A pointer to an array of fonts, to be selected using special characters embedded in the text. This pointer must be non-null if iFonts is greater than zero.

◆ iFonts

size_t CartoType::TTextParam::iFonts = 0

The number of fonts in iFont. An array of fonts can be supplied to override the TFont object used to draw or measure the text, and thus allow rich text to be drawn.

◆ iLetterSpacing

double CartoType::TTextParam::iLetterSpacing = 0

Letter spacing in pixels. This value is added to all character advances.

◆ iMaxCopyFitExpansion

double CartoType::TTextParam::iMaxCopyFitExpansion = 4

The greatest factor by which a string can be expanded when copy-fitting by adding letter spacing and word spacing. The default value is 4.

◆ iMaxTurnSine

double CartoType::TTextParam::iMaxTurnSine = 0.707106781

If drawing on a path, the sine of the maximum tolerated angle between baselines of successive characters. The default is .707 = sin(45 degrees).

◆ iMaxWidth

int32_t CartoType::TTextParam::iMaxWidth = INT32_MAX

If the text cannot be fitted into iMaxWidth, measured along the baseline in pixels, it is truncated.

◆ iPathStart

double CartoType::TTextParam::iPathStart = 0

If drawing along a path, the distance along the path to start at.

◆ iRoundAdvances

bool CartoType::TTextParam::iRoundAdvances

Round advances to integer values, which is normally done if drawing horizontally or vertically, to maximise glyph cache hits.

◆ iTraversePathBackwards

bool CartoType::TTextParam::iTraversePathBackwards

If drawing text on a path, traverse the path backwards.

◆ iWordSpacing

double CartoType::TTextParam::iWordSpacing = 0

Word spacing in pixels. This value is added to the advance of word spaces.

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