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CartoType::TTrackPoint Class Reference

#include <cartotype_base.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoType::TTrackPoint:
CartoType::TPoint2< double >

Public Member Functions

 TTrackPoint ()=default
 TTrackPoint (const TPointFP &aPoint)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CartoType::TPoint2< double >
constexpr TPoint2 () noexcept
constexpr TPoint2 (double aX, double aY) noexcept
constexpr TPoint2 (const TPoint &aPoint) noexcept
bool operator== (const TPoint2< double > &aPoint) const noexcept
bool operator!= (const TPoint2< double > &aPoint) const noexcept
void operator+= (const TPoint2< double > &aPoint) noexcept
void operator-= (const TPoint2< double > &aPoint) noexcept
void operator*= (double aFactor) noexcept
bool operator< (const TPoint2< double > &aPoint) const noexcept
bool operator> (const TPoint2< double > &aPoint) const noexcept
double VectorLength () const noexcept
double DistanceFrom (const TPoint2< double > &aOther) const noexcept
double CrossProduct (const TPoint2< double > &aOther) const noexcept
TPoint2 UnitVector () const noexcept
TPoint2 LeftUnitVector () const noexcept
TPoint2 RightUnitVector () const noexcept
bool LeftOfVector (const TPoint2< double > &aPoint) const noexcept
bool RightOfVector (const TPoint2< double > &aPoint) const noexcept
TPoint Rounded () const noexcept
TPoint Rounded64ths () const noexcept
void Rotate (double aAngle)

Public Attributes

double iTime = 0
- Public Attributes inherited from CartoType::TPoint2< double >
double iX
double iY

Detailed Description

A track point, used when recording points traversed. It combines a point, which by convention is in degrees of longitude and latitude, with a timestamp.

See also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TTrackPoint() [1/2]

CartoType::TTrackPoint::TTrackPoint ( )

Creates a trackpoint with zero coordinates and a timestamp of zero indicating that the time is unknown.

◆ TTrackPoint() [2/2]

CartoType::TTrackPoint::TTrackPoint ( const TPointFP aPoint)

Creates a track point from a point, giving it a timestamp of zero indicating that the time is unknown.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iTime

double CartoType::TTrackPoint::iTime = 0

If non-zero, the time in seconds: the number of seconds since 00:00 on the 1st January 1970, UTC.

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