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CartoType::TViewState Class Reference

#include <cartotype_framework.h>

Public Member Functions

 TViewState (const char *aXmlText)
TResult ReadFromXml (const char *aXmlText)
bool operator== (const TViewState &aOther) const
bool operator< (const TViewState &aOther) const
bool operator!= (const TViewState &aOther) const
std::string ToXml () const

Public Attributes

int32_t iWidthInPixels = 256
int32_t iHeightInPixels = 256
TPointFP iViewCenterDegrees
double iScaleDenominator = 0
double iRotationDegrees = 0
bool iPerspective = false
TPerspectiveParam iPerspectiveParam

Detailed Description

The view state, which can be retrieved or set so that maps can be recreated.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TViewState()

CartoType::TViewState::TViewState ( const char *  aText)

Reads a view state object from its XML form.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator!=()

bool CartoType::TViewState::operator!= ( const TViewState aOther) const

The inequality operator.

◆ operator<()

bool CartoType::TViewState::operator< ( const TViewState aOther) const

The less-than operator.

◆ operator==()

bool CartoType::TViewState::operator== ( const TViewState aOther) const

The equality operator.

◆ ReadFromXml()

TResult CartoType::TViewState::ReadFromXml ( const char *  aXmlText)

Reads a view state object from its XML form.

◆ ToXml()

std::string CartoType::TViewState::ToXml ( ) const

Creates a string representing a view state in XML.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iHeightInPixels

int32_t CartoType::TViewState::iHeightInPixels = 256

The display height in pixels.

◆ iPerspective

bool CartoType::TViewState::iPerspective = false

True if perspective mode is on.

◆ iPerspectiveParam

TPerspectiveParam CartoType::TViewState::iPerspectiveParam

The parameters to be used for perspective mode.

◆ iRotationDegrees

double CartoType::TViewState::iRotationDegrees = 0

The clockwise rotation of the view in degrees.

◆ iScaleDenominator

double CartoType::TViewState::iScaleDenominator = 0

The denominator of the scale fraction; e.g., 50000 for 1:50000.

◆ iViewCenterDegrees

TPointFP CartoType::TViewState::iViewCenterDegrees

The view center in degrees longitude (x) and latitude (y).

◆ iWidthInPixels

int32_t CartoType::TViewState::iWidthInPixels = 256

The display width in pixels.

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