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CartoTypeCore::Result Class Reference

#include <cartotype_errors.h>

Public Member Functions

constexpr Result (uint32_t aCode) noexcept
constexpr operator uint32_t () const noexcept
constexpr void operator= (uint32_t aCode) noexcept

Detailed Description

The result and error code type. It is a class, to enforce initialization to zero, and to allow a breakpoint to be placed in the constructor or assignment operator. In release builds on modern compilers the use of a class rather than a plain integer has no cost.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Result()

constexpr CartoTypeCore::Result::Result ( uint32_t  aCode)

Creates a Result object containing a specified code.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator uint32_t()

constexpr CartoTypeCore::Result::operator uint32_t ( ) const

Returns the integer code of this Result object.

◆ operator=()

constexpr void CartoTypeCore::Result::operator= ( uint32_t  aCode)

Assigns an integer code to this Result object.

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