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CartoType::CFileInputStream Class Reference

#include <cartotype_stream.h>

Inheritance diagram for CartoType::CFileInputStream:


class  CBuffer

Public Member Functions

 CFileInputStream (const std::string &aFileName, size_t aBufferSize=KDefaultBufferSize, size_t aMaxBuffers=KDefaultMaxBuffers)
virtual std::unique_ptr< CFileInputStreamCopy ()
void Read (const uint8_t *&aPointer, size_t &aLength) override
bool EndOfStream () const override
void Seek (int64_t aPosition) override
int64_t Position () override
int64_t Length () override
std::string Name () override
 CFileInputStream (const CFileInputStream &)=delete
 CFileInputStream (CFileInputStream &&)=delete
void operator= (const CFileInputStream &)=delete
void operator= (CFileInputStream &&)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from CartoType::MInputStream
virtual ~MInputStream ()
virtual void Read (const uint8_t *&aPointer, size_t &aLength)=0
virtual bool EndOfStream () const =0
virtual void Seek (int64_t aPosition)=0
virtual int64_t Position ()=0
virtual int64_t Length ()=0
virtual std::string Name ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::unique_ptr< CFileInputStreamNew (TResult &aError, const std::string &aFileName, size_t aBufferSize=KDefaultBufferSize, size_t aMaxBuffers=KDefaultMaxBuffers)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr size_t KDefaultBufferSize = 64 * 1024
static constexpr size_t KDefaultMaxBuffers = 32

Protected Types

using CBufferList = CList< CBuffer >

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ReadBuffer (CBuffer &aBuffer, int64_t aPos)

Protected Attributes

CBinaryInputFile iFile
CBufferList iBuffers
size_t iBufferSize = KDefaultBufferSize
int64_t iPositionInFile = 0
int64_t iLogicalPosition = 0
int64_t iLength = 0
std::string iName

Detailed Description

Input stream for a file. The user of this stream determines the buffer size that is used to read from the file.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CBufferList

A type for the data cache.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CFileInputStream()

CartoType::CFileInputStream::CFileInputStream ( const std::string &  aFileName,
size_t  aBufferSize = KDefaultBufferSize,
size_t  aMaxBuffers = KDefaultMaxBuffers 

Creates a CFileInputStream to read from the file aFileName. Throws an exception if the file cannot be opened.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Copy()

std::unique_ptr< CFileInputStream > CartoType::CFileInputStream::Copy ( )

Returns a copy of this CFileInputStream.

◆ EndOfStream()

bool CartoType::CFileInputStream::EndOfStream ( ) const

Return whether the end of the stream has been reached.

Implements CartoType::MInputStream.

◆ Length()

int64_t CartoType::CFileInputStream::Length ( )

Return the number of bytes in the stream.

Implements CartoType::MInputStream.

◆ Name()

std::string CartoType::CFileInputStream::Name ( )

Return the file name or URI associated with the stream if any. Return the empty string is there is no file name or URI.

Reimplemented from CartoType::MInputStream.

◆ New()

std::unique_ptr< CFileInputStream > CartoType::CFileInputStream::New ( TResult aError,
const std::string &  aFileName,
size_t  aBufferSize = KDefaultBufferSize,
size_t  aMaxBuffers = KDefaultMaxBuffers 

Creates a CFileInputStream to read from the file aFileName. Returns the result in aError.

◆ Position()

int64_t CartoType::CFileInputStream::Position ( )

Return the current position.

Implements CartoType::MInputStream.

◆ Read()

void CartoType::CFileInputStream::Read ( const uint8_t *&  aPointer,
size_t &  aLength 

Read some data into a buffer owned by the MInputStream object and return a pointer to it in aPointer. Return the number of bytes of data in aLength. This function will return at least one byte if there are bytes remaining in the stream. The pointer is valid until the next call to Read.

Implements CartoType::MInputStream.

◆ ReadBuffer()

void CartoType::CFileInputStream::ReadBuffer ( CBuffer aBuffer,
int64_t  aPos 

Override this function to read a buffer at a certain position in the file.

◆ Seek()

void CartoType::CFileInputStream::Seek ( int64_t  aPosition)

Seek to the specified position.

Implements CartoType::MInputStream.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iBuffers

CBufferList CartoType::CFileInputStream::iBuffers

Cached data from the file.

◆ iBufferSize

size_t CartoType::CFileInputStream::iBufferSize = KDefaultBufferSize

The size of a buffer in bytes.

◆ iFile

CBinaryInputFile CartoType::CFileInputStream::iFile

The file.

◆ iLength

int64_t CartoType::CFileInputStream::iLength = 0

the length of the file in bytes.

◆ iLogicalPosition

int64_t CartoType::CFileInputStream::iLogicalPosition = 0

The position in the file from the user's point of view.

◆ iName

std::string CartoType::CFileInputStream::iName

The name of the file.

◆ iPositionInFile

int64_t CartoType::CFileInputStream::iPositionInFile = 0

The physical position in the file.

◆ KDefaultBufferSize

constexpr size_t CartoType::CFileInputStream::KDefaultBufferSize = 64 * 1024

The default size of each buffer in bytes.

◆ KDefaultMaxBuffers

constexpr size_t CartoType::CFileInputStream::KDefaultMaxBuffers = 32

The default maximum number of buffers.

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