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CartoType::TGraphicsParam Class Reference

#include <cartotype_graphics_context.h>

Public Attributes

TRect iClip
TPaint iPaint
TCircularPen iPen
TColor iTextureMask = KTransparentBlack

Detailed Description

Parameters used by a graphics context.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iClip

TRect CartoType::TGraphicsParam::iClip

The clipping rectangle, in pixels.

◆ iPaint

TPaint CartoType::TGraphicsParam::iPaint

The paint.

◆ iPen

TCircularPen CartoType::TGraphicsParam::iPen

The circular pen used by DrawStroke.

◆ iTextureMask

TColor CartoType::TGraphicsParam::iTextureMask = KTransparentBlack

The color used to inhibit texture drawing. Textures are never drawn to pixels of this color. The purpose is to prevent terrain textures from being drawn in sea or lake areas. The texture mask is set to the map background color when a map is drawn.

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