Maps, routes and navigation using off-line data

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CartoType draws maps, calculates routes and does turn-by-turn navigation on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, Android, Windows desktop (XP, 7, 8), Windows Phone 8, .NET and Symbian. Data can come from almost any source, including OpenStreetMap, Ordnance Survey OpenData, and USGS digital elevation data. We can supply map tiles for the whole world at any zoom level or you can create maps yourself using our tools. You can add your own map data either at run-time or when the map data is initially created.

map of part of Docklands, London

Power and flexibility

CartoType can use your map data, or we can supply data and create maps for you. Maps can be offline, saving time and money. You can use CartoType to render the entire map at any scale, or create pre-rendered tiles at different scales, or a combination of those methods. Use on-line data if you like. You can overlay fast-changing data such as weather and traffic density with complete flexibility. Look and feel is completely customisable, and consistent over all platforms and devices. Supported development systems include Microsoft Visual Studio (2008 or later), .Net, XCode for iOS and MacOS, Qt, and Eclipse for Android.

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Look and feel

CartoType features: Look and feel

CartoType's powerful style sheet system gives you full control over the look and feel of your map.

Style sheets


CartoType features: Routing

Built-in route finding and turn by turn navigation. Cross-country offline routing on mobile devices.



CartoType features: Terrain

Hill shading and elevation coloring produce attractive and useful maps.